Billboard for Mustang Seeds by Synrgy Sign Company in Platte, South Dakota


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Billboards are large outdoor advertising structures typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads, highways, and intersections. They present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers, ensuring maximum visibility. Billboards come in various sizes and forms, ranging from traditional static displays to digital billboards that can change content dynamically. These are typically seasonal signs or simple designs that direct people to take action. High visibility and large square footages make them ideal for business wanting people to stop ahead and check them out.

Static Billboards

Static billboards are traditional, non-moving advertising panels prominently placed along roadways and high-traffic areas. They offer a consistent and unchanging message, ensuring lasting impressions on viewers. For businesses, static billboards are cost-effective, offering long-term visibility with a one-time design and installation. Their permanence strengthens brand recognition, and their simplicity ensures clear, undistracted messaging, making them a reliable choice for broad audience reach.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are cutting-edge advertising platforms that use electronic technology to display dynamic messages. Unlike traditional static billboards, they can showcase multiple ads in a rotating sequence, enabling advertisers to update content in real-time. This adaptability makes them a valuable tool for marketers aiming for timely promotions and audience engagement. Their vibrant and clear visuals, coupled with the ability to alter content swiftly, make digital billboards an efficient and compelling option for modern advertising needs.


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